July 19, 2010

Pot of Gold Results

July 19th, 2010

Winners Chad Townsend and Jason Moffit


1st Division


1. Armand Roussy and Andre Deschene

2. Eloi Frenette and Valmond Losier

3. Mark Brewster and Greg Brewster


 1. George Willett and Wayne Lord

2. Stephen Whalen and Shaun Patterson

3. Dave Morison and Paul Gendreau

2nd Division


1. John Boudreau and Norbert Maltais

2. Dino and Gino Gauvin

3. Jamie MacLaggan and Scott Ferguson


1. Josh Gammon and Paul Robichaud

2. Ralph Jamieson and Murray Kyle

3. Scott Poupart and Denis Mallet

3rd Division


1. France Bordage and Jean Paul Cyr

2. O'Neil Pelletier and Gerald Pettigrew

3. Kolin Murphy and Carl Kenny


1. Mario O Doucet and Rodolpe Boudreau

2. Rejean Comeau and Francois Doucet

3. Todd Scott and Blair Daley