21 juin 2010

Thank You to Labatts, all Players and Volunteers for making the event one of the best in the Province. Congratulations to all the winners below.

 Overall Winner- Darren Church and Drew MaAffertey-

!st Division


1. Kevin McAllister and Ted Carroll

2. Adam Degrace and Kevin Hachey

3. Stephane Cormier and Paul Hachey

4. Kevin Lunney and Jason Allain

5. Kolin Barley and Derek Roy

Net 1st Division

1. Allison Metallic and John Martin

2. Fred Elhatton and Craig McMaster

3. Jon Clinch and Robbie Clinch

4. Mark Furlotte and Andrew MacLaggan

5. Matthew Richard and Danny Cormier


2nd Division


1. Chris Cormier and Scott Knowles

2. Don Pierce and Craig Pierce

3. Pierre Philipps and J P Bernard

4. Fred David and Guy Depres

5. Michel Leger and Denis LeBlanc


1. Denis Beaulieu and Billy Beaulieu

2. Francis Duguay and Yvon Noel

3. Todd Bursey and Gary Bursey

4. Armand Roussy and Laurent Roy

5. Jason Carroll and Tim Riordon

3rd Division


1.Jody MacDonald and Vern Jimmo

2 Gaeten Theriault and Stephane Lemaire

3. Gilbert LeFrancois and Scott Toner

4. Vijay Sharma and Leonard Richard

5. Greg Matheson and Mark Dunnett


1. David Lamb and Mark Toner

2. Brad Deware and Harold Thurette

3. Peter Allison and Kevin Hornecastle

4. Todd Hicks and Kirk Cole

5. Joel Albert and Mark Legacy

4th Division


1.Andrew Mills and Brian Donald

2. Kirk O'Rourke and Floyd Guitard

3. Rick Bell and Cal Anderson

4. Claude MacDonald and Peter Meunier

5. Bobby Ferguson and Martin Albert


1 Clifford Boucher and Emery Aubie

2. Roger LeBlanc and Terry LeBlanc

3. Bob Fife and Greg Hicks

4. Ian Donald and Kelly Watt

5. Charlie Leblanc and Guy Belliveau



1st and 2nd Division

Saturday- Chad Townsend and Julien Tremblay 2 on #5 ; Colin Kyle and Matt Abernathy 3 0n #14

Sunday- No Rangs

3rd and 4th Division

Saturday-Bobby Ferguson and Michel Albert 2 0n #17; Mike Dunette and Troy MacDonnell 3 on #8

Sunday- VJ Sharma and Leonard Richard 2 on #6; Chris Fisher and Carl Kenny 3 on #13


Closest to hole

1st and 2nd Division

#3- Kevin Lunney #6 Ron Lavigne #15 Mathieu Richard #17 Doug Clark

3rd and 4th Division

#3- John Boudreau; #6 Leonard Richard #15 Mike Godin #17 Gaetan Theriault