Board of Directors

Name Position Email
Carl Kenny President ac.earbnawog@ynnek.lrac
Tara Erb Vice President ac.earbnawog@bre.arat
Kathy Grebenc Secretary ac.earbnawog@cneberg.yhtak
Phyllis Roy Ladies President ac.earbnawog@yor.sillyhP
Todd Morrison Finance Commitee ac.earbnawog@nosirrom.ddot
Kelly Maher Ladies Club Captain
Colin Brewster Director ac.earbnawog@retswerb.niloc
Shelagh Eddy Director ac.earbnawog@ydde.hgalehs
Pat Edwards Director ac.earbnawog@sdrawde.tap
Stewart Stanger Personnel Committee
Jean Claude Vienneau Greens committee
Shaun MacDonald Director and Golf NB Govenor
Marc Andre Doucet Director
Jamie MacLaggan Past president ac.earbnawog@naggalcam.eimaj
Adam Chamberlain General Manager ac.earbnawog@nialrebmahc.mada