May 16, 2007

By now many of you will have had the opportunity to play your first round of golf for the 2007 season. The uncooperative weather has not been kind to the course but with a little warm sunshine we are not anticipating any major problems getting the greens in good playing condition. Gilbert and his crew have worked very hard to ensure a great summer of golf.

In my last report I outlined some of the initiatives taking place with regards to the Strategic Planning Committee and I am pleased to report that a number of positive recommendations have been made and implemented. For example, this year the starters will be on the 1st tee providing directions to all golfers, encouraging a reasonable pace of play and ensuring every golfer is aware of our local rules. In addition our Pro, Dave Ross and Adam Chamberlain will be on the course regularly to monitor pace of play and provide guidance for those who require it. Should you have any questions regarding the pace of play, golf etiquette or other rules of play, please do not hesitate to seek advice from Dave or Adam. As well we have ensured that the Pro Shop is well stocked with quality articles at reasonable prices and it is our hope that members will check out the Pro Shop for all their golfing needs. We realize that we may not compete with the Box Stores on price but we do provide a valuable service and any monies earned by the Pro Shop goes directly to the club which in turn uses that money to provide the best golfing experience possible. When you support the Pro Shop you are supporting the sustainability of Gowan Brae.

Speaking of sustainability the Board has implemented a number of new policies aimed at keeping the cost of club operations in line with revenues. This year the Finance Committee has worked diligently on the budgeting process, has implemented a number of checks and balances procedures and has set specific targets for bottom line sustainability. The Board continues to work on developing short and long term strategies which will ensure the future viability of Gowan Brae.

Currently the Board is in the process of establishing a 50th Anniversary Committee to plan celebrations for 2008 . If you have any ideas for this event please feel free to contact Committee Chair Emery Goguen. Also Scott Ferguson is looking for volunteers to sit on the Disciplinary Committee as well as the Entertainment Committee. Please contact Scott if you wish to help out.

Finally a reminder that Gowan Brae is YOUR golf course and the success of Gowan Brae, financially and socially, is dependent upon your contribution to the well being of the club. The Board has been working diligently to ensure that you receive the service and amenities that you deserve, but I must remind you that these services cost money and they must pay for themselves. This year we have been forced to increase the price of beer, alcohol and foodstuffs due in no small part to the increases experienced at the ?pump?. As well the cost of doing business is also rising with increased electricity rates, increased taxes, a rise in the minimum wage and other inflationary costs. For our part we are scrutinizing all our expenses and reducing our costs wherever possible, but we need your help. Please consider patronizing the club whenever possible; take advantage of the excellent food services, the well stocked Pro Shop and if you?re really thirsty, check out the Bar! By working together we can ensure that Gowan Brae continues to be a great place to play golf at a reasonable cost! I look forward to seeing you at the course and should you have any questions or constructive ideas please do not hesitate to share them with me or any other member of the Board.