October 02, 2007

President?s Message..October 2007 It seems like yesterday that I was writing the first message of the 2007 Golf season. But in the lives of golfers time flies and here we are near the end of another successful season of Gowan Brae golf. With only one ?major event? remaining, the Cross Country, the club is beginning to prepare for the winter season. This of course means that the grounds crew will be tidying up, removing furniture and getting ready to cover the greens. Certainly the recent weather conditions have provided ample opportunity for golfers to enjoy the fall season and we hope that the month of October is kind as well. For your information the course will be officially closing on October 31st. From that point on anybody using the course will be doing so at their own risk. If the weather is cooperative and some members wish to play after the official close we would ask that all players respect the following directions. There can be no play if there is frost on the ground and more importantly on the greens. If you feel the need to brave the elements please do not play while frost is present on the course. Temporary greens will be setup for use after the official closing. It is very important also that golfers not interfere with the grounds crew as they complete their winter prep of the course. We trust that those who play after the official closing will take great care in their use of the course. Next year?s opening depends a great deal on this fall?s preparations and we all want an early start to the season. In other news we are pleased to report that the Strategic Planning committee has completed much of its work and will be reporting to the Board this fall. As well the 50th Anniversary Committee is in high gear and has a number of interesting events planned including draws for free memberships. As well the Pro Shop will be open for the Christmas season again this year and with an excellent array of clothing and golf equipment should be a source for some great gift ideas. Please remember every dollar you spend at the Pro Shop goes to supporting your Golf Club. At this time I would like to say thank you to a number of people who have made golfing at Gowan Brae a rewarding experience. First to our ?pros? Adam and Dave for a fantastic job in ensuring that our members and guests always felt welcome in and around the Pro Shop. The service was excellent, the expertise in abundance and the golfing equipment unsurpassed. It truly was a pleasure to be associated with these fine gentlemen. To Donna and her staff at the Bar and on the course a hearty thank you for providing excellent food, excellent drink and above all excellent service. This group of servers did an outstanding job of meeting the member?s needs and we look forward to seeing most of them again next year. To Gilbert and the grounds crew, another outstanding year of dedicated service. The course as usual was in great shape and members and visitors alike were thoroughly impressed with the condition of the Greens and Fairways..not to mention the ROUGH. Also a big thank you goes out to the Clubhouse staff, which of course includes Jean as well as the club cleaners and Pro Shop staff. These people have certainly worked hard and done their part in making for a successful season. Finally to Dave Brewster and his staff who oversee the operation of the golf course on behalf of the Board a very special thank you. At the beginning of the year the Board pledged to take positive action on a number of nagging issues not the least of which was a review of the club?s financial situation. I am pleased to report that as of this writing and in no small part due to the efforts of Dave Brewster and his staff, the financial health of Gowan Brae is much improved. While the final numbers will not be available for a few months it is expected Budget expectations will be exceeded. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the members of your Executive who have worked so diligently on your behalf over the past year. The commitment that these people have made is the backbone for any successful organization. Most of these people have lots of other things they could be doing, but fortunately they have chosen to donate their time to ensuring that your club is the best it can be. To them I say a job well done. And finally to you, the members, I want to say what a pleasure it was working with you this past year. Your support, patience and encouragement was very much appreciated. As always, should you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please contact any member of the Executive.