June 25, 2008

Labatt 2 Man Scramble 2008- Gowan Brae Golf and Country Club
Tournament Winners- Kevin Lunney and Jason Allain- Moncton Golf Club (126) -18

1st Division
1st low gross- Marc Andre Godin and Michel Doucet- 129
2nd Low Gross- Brad Chamberlain and Travis Dunnett- 132
3rd Low gross- Art Fournier and Rebe Chamberlain- 133
4th Low Gross- Shane Hayward and Rod MacDonald- 133
5th Low Gross Darren Church and Dale Kinnie- 134
1st Low Net- Brent Wilson and Greg Mitton- 119
2nd Low Net- Pierre Arseneau and Paul Lavoix- 120
3rd Low net- Chad Towsend and Julien Tremblay- 122
4th Low Net- Jesse Ferguson and Maxime Breau- 123
5th Low Net- Armand Roussy and Laurent Roy- 123

2nd Division
1st Low Gross-Chad Arnold & Richard Moulton-136
2nd Low Gross- Todd and Gary Bursey- 136
3rd Low Gross- Pierre Phillips and Jean Paul Berube- 137
4th Low Gross- Scott Ferguson and Jamie MacLaggan- 138
5th Low Gross- Robert and DJ Mason- 139
1st Low Net- Don and Andrew McLaggan- 113
2nd Low Net- Rick Moore and Steve Melanson- 118
3rd Low Net ? Bill Vasseur and Brian Anderson- 118
4th Low Net- Ed Jeffrey and Pat Garragan- 118
5th Low Net- Alex Doucet and Jean LeBlanc- 122

3rd Division
1st Low Gross- Arsene Mallet and Francois Duguay- 136
2nd Low Gross- Denis Bellemare and Doug Boudreau- 144
3rd Low Gross- Ernie Rogers and Dave Tissington- 144
4th Low Gross- Mike Campbell and Wayne Wood- 145
5th Low Gross- Pascal Pelletier and John Lidstone- 145
1st Low Net- Greg McLaughlin and Howie Carroll- 117
2nd Low Net- Daniel Duguay and Ronnie Roberts- 118
3rd Low Net - Todd Hicks and Kirk Cole- 121
4th Low Net- Chris Fischer and Carl Kenny- 121
5th Low Net- Gaetan Theriault and Stephane Lemaire- 124

4th Division
1st Low Gross-Peter Beers and Scott MacLeod- 145
2nd Low Gross- Edgar Daigle and Dale Richard- 149
3rd Low Gross- Randy and Shawn Doucet- 150
4th Low Gross- Ghislain Godin and Tim Brooks- 150
5th Low Gross- Denis Langlais and Yves Bergeron- 151
1st Low Net- Ian and Bryan Donald- 110
2nd Low Net- Dave Theriault and Matthew Keenan- 114
3rd Low Net ? Mike Cox and Blake Marshall- 115
4th Low Net- Tom Arsenault and Peter Kennah- 116
5th Low Net- Kolin Murphy and Keith Murphy- 117